Farmer Profiles

The inspiration for this project are the many stories I’ve heard and the heartbreaks I and others have experienced dealing with evictions and land deals that have left us broke, discouraged, and divorced from the source of our strength and sustenance.  We are farmers and homesteaders who have broken new ground year after year, repaired homes we’ll never live in, and barns that will never house our livestock.  We have moved our animals, our children, and our dreams from place to place, never able to plant permanent roots in soil we can call home.

For those of you willing or desiring to be public about your stories, or involvement with this project, I’d be honored to be able to write a little bio about you here on this website, or have a picture of your farm project to add.  Email if you’re interested in adding your profile here.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

hhAbout Me: My name is Sonia Acevedo, and I have been a farm worker and small farmer in Maine since 2005.  I’m inspired to farm for a lot of the same reasons shared by other beginning farmers–I’m worried about the security of a food system dependent on fossil fuels, genetic engineering and chemicals,  I’m concerned for the human rights of farm workers here and abroad, and because with farming I get to experience a profound physical and spiritual connection with land and nature.  I am primarily a poultry farmer, and have a small hatchery business and raise geese every year.  Check out our farm at


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