If you identify as a farmer or a farm worker, I’d like to hear your stories about what has been hard about finding land to use for your projects or livelihood, your account of what it’s like to work other people’s farms as a farm worker, tenant farmer, or apprentice, and your struggles to hold onto the farmland you already own or use.  If you’re in a land arrangement that is working for you, I want to hear how you came to it and what you think is making it work.

Some people, because of privacy, distance, or time, might want to participate in this project, but would prefer to send a written submission rather than giving an interview. You can email submissions to, or send a copy snail mail to 1184 Main St, Pittsfield, ME, 04967, c/o Sonia Acevedo.  Please keep submission under five pages, and please try to have them typed, if possible.  I will do as little editing as I can within the context of the final publication, but please understand that I may have to make independent editorial decisions around the final length of a piece for the good of the entire project.  Be specific about what degree of anonymity you may need so I may respect your privacy.  Thank you.


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