Project Guiding Principles



To organize from the bottom up with those most affected by the challenge of accessing affordable farmland, and address the needs of landless farmers through dialogues, strategies and actions that begin with them.

To validate the work of farmers engaged in subsistence farming and alternative economic models even if they are not interested in market farming or having a farm business.

To examine and ask about the possibilities of alternative forms of land tenure, work trade options, building relationships with sympathetic land owners and land trusts, and land occupations as options for landless farmers to achieve land security.

To promote principles of class, racial and gender solidarity and expand commonly held definitions of the word “farmer”  by publishing the narratives of farmers from a diverse mix of class, gender, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.

To promote local control over our food production by envisioning alternatives to capitalism through cooperative, collective and  autonomous models of farming.

To support the work of La Via Campesina and see local agriculture and rural living as an important connection to the global food sovereignty movement.

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